The Dog is an animal NPC (although it can be classified as an indirect environmental hazard) found in Robbery Bob. It is first encountered in Chapter 1, Suburbs. It appears as a brown dog that is found sleeping in various areas and seems friendly, as the first game states that dogs love visitors. If Bob gets too close, the dog wakes up and starts barking loud which can alert nearby civilians or guards of Bob's presence. The best way to avoid this is to sneak past the dog at a distance. If the dog sees Bob, it will follow him but if it loses sight of Bob, it becomes sad, stops moving, then continues to bark for a while after which it will fall asleep again. The dog itself cannot open nor close a door in front of it. Also, if the dog keeps on barking and a civilian or guard hears it, they will walk over to the dog and silence it, putting it back to sleep. The said dog returns in Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble, but some of them can be controlled by Bob (which are wearing a mind controlling hat).

A sleeping dog (click to enlarge it)

A new varient of the dog is the white dog where it tries to bust Bob. These dogs are mostly found tied to a rope so the player must tangle it up moving around objects and having the dog in hot pursuit. One advantage to this dog is that it does NOT alert other nearby NPCs so be wary of that.

maxresdefault.jpg. The white dog seen chasing Bob as it's tangled up by the rope.


Aforementioned, sneak past the dog at a distance to avoid waking it up. Their alerting barks are what make them hazardous. If this happens, the player must find and hide in a hiding place so that the dog will lose sight of Bob then the player must wait until the coast is clear. Since dogs can't use doors, the player must get inside another room then quickly close the door before the dog can even get in to make it less hazardous. Another way (but costly to do do) is the player can use the Rotten Donut to force the dog to go to another room, the Strange Liquid to pass through (although they can still sniff Bob out) or the Teleport Mine to make them disappear completely. Using the Wind-up toy makes it bark perpetually until it spots Bob. Be careful when using them, otherwise, they may still ruin a perfect, lead the player to a game over or make the player waste the spent coins.



  • In Robbery Bob 2, the dog will never wake up unless the player runs through or bump to it.

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