Playa Mafioso 1 is the first level in Playa Mafioso. It is unlocked immediately after viewing the Introduction, and must be completed to unlock Playa Mafioso 2.



  • Loots are represented in GREEN (circle for normal loots/star for target loot)
  • Enemies are represented in ORANGE and RED (orange for harmless enemies/red for dangerous enemies/arrows indicate enemy scheduled movement)


To get three stars for this level, Bob must score as many points as possible by:

  • Collect all 6 loots (including the Target Loot)
  • Must not be seen by security
  • Complete the level as fast as possible; time limit is 45 seconds


Location of the loots in Playa Mafioso 1.

Target Loot

The Target Loot for Playa Mafioso 1 is the "Fish".


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