Scientists are NPCs found in Robbery Bob. They are first encountered in Chapter 3, Secret Labs. They are armed with stun guns that will shock and stun Bob if they hit him with one. If they spot Bob, they will behave like a normal security guard, meaning that they will rush towards Bob in an attempt to stun him. The noise caused by the stun gun will often alert other guards of Bob's presence, so the player must be careful. Unlike guards, scientists can't bust Bob but they are the only enemies that ignore the Knights armor, meaning that they will always shock Bob, rendering the armor useless.

Three scientists as seen in the trailer (click to enlarge it)


They appear as stereotypical scientists that have grey hair, a white lab coat, a blue shirt and a short red bow tie, complete with red gloves.


Avoid the scientists as much as possible. Even if they can't bust Bob, aforementioned, their stun guns can alert other nearby NPCs. Not only that, the player can't move for a short time while Bob is stunned, increasing the chance for other NPCs to go near and bust Bob. Another way (but costly to do so) is the player can use the Rotten Donut to force the scientists to go in different rooms, the Wind-up Toy to confuse them, the Strange Liquid to pass through or the Teleport Mine to make them disappear completely. Be careful when using them, otherwise, they may still ruin a perfect, lead the player to a game over or make the player waste the spent coins.

What type of guard is the scientist?

There is no specific type of guard that the scientists are placed in. They are not cops since they don't investigate open doors. They are obviously not an animal or robot so they should be considered a civilian. They have many similarities like always being stationary and having an ability to alert guards as the stungun causes noise.



  • If two or more scientists (at almost the same time) attempt to stun Bob, the stun duration is still the same.
  • It is possible for the player to temporarily trap a scientist in the elevator.
    • Additionally, if the scientist spots Bob in the elevator then the player gets out of the elevator to trap the scientist then faces in front of the elevator door, Bob will still be stunned.

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