The Security Guard are the main enemy in Robbery Bob. They appear on many levels and have varying appearances, ranging from blue Policeman-like guards to more stereotypical guards.

Security Guards are typically found patrolling a certain area while looking for intruders (including Bob) and will engage them on sight by giving chase, though, most guards are somewhat out of shape and sufficient Sprinting Speed or Time upgrades can allow Bob to outrun them and find somewhere to hide.

They are one of two enemies capable of busting Bob, the other one being the Old Lady.


There are two types of Security Guards, Stationary and Mobile.

Stationary guards remain in one set position and will only change position if they detect something suspicious. In order to avoid them, Bob must stay out of their view and try not to make noise.

Mobile Guards follow a certain path indicated by white dots on the ground; small dots make up most of the path while large dots indicate a spot where the guard will momentarily stop before moving on. The strategy of avoiding them is the same as with the Stationary guards.

"Suspicious actions"

The following things will draw the attention of guards. Be Careful!

Note, each suspicious action will only draw one guard at a time.

  • Open doors (unless opened by another guard or a guard is currently investigating them)
  • Noises (Bob banging doors, Wind-up toys and intentional noises (by Bob))
  • Alarms (can be triggered by Cameras or Lasers)
  • Footsteps (created if Bob walks over Paint)

"Security Guard background info"

  • There are four in total security guards
  • One is the usual cop, another is a chief, another is a short patrol guard, and the other is the lab variant of the chief
  • The usual cop is the medium sized guard who is spawned when a civilian calls the cops. They are slow like the old lady but appear more often. * The chief is the big sized cop that is faster than the old lady, but can still bust Bob.
  • The Lab variant of the chief has the same body but different clothing. Instead the chief wears a black lab coat and bears glasses if seen closely. He however is very dangerous as he runs whenever he has Suspicous Actions and runs to doors or the causes of the mysterious noises. He also will automatically run at Bob the second he sees him, so make sure you have enough running power to outrun him.
  • The short cop has the same clothing as the usual cop. He has a mustache and a very mean look. This cop usually is seen watching a piece of loot or treasure or at least patrolling around it. He will even stare through windows. If he spots Bob he will sprint at him. Also, he speed walks when he patrols so be cautious of it.